Simulation of the PCS-Network Model of Decision Making

This GUI allows you to simulate the Parallel-Constraint Satisfaction network model of decision making (Gloeckner & Betsch, 2008). You can set the sensitivity parameter P, the weights for all experts (cues), and the votes for all experts (cue-pattern). You can vary the number of experts between 2 and 8. You can also change the default values for the properties of the PCS-DM model. Under the tab 'Prediction', predictions for the choice, the decision time, and the confidence rating are displayed; under the tab 'Final Iterations' ('All Iterations'), energy, activations for all nodes for the final (all) iteration(s), and the number of iterations are displayed; under the tab 'Plot', activations for all nodes over iterations are plotted; under the tab 'Download', you can download the entire prediction matrix as a csv-file. For help and contact information visit Set the sensitivity P:
Set the weights for all experts:
Set the cue-pattern for all experts:
Change default values of PCS-DM parameters: